Selina Hospitality PLC Collaborates with Artrade to provide Latin American Artists with Global Reach

Nov 24, 2023  | 
  • This collaboration achieves a successful fusion between hospitality and art, enriching the guest experience and giving an international stage to Latin American artists.
  • From Medellín to Miami, Selina transforms its spaces into immersive galleries, showcasing the diversity and cultural richness of Latin America.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 24, 2023-- Selina Hospitality PLC ("Selina"; NASDAQ: SLNA), the innovative hospitality and experiences company that caters to millennial and Generation Z travelers, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Artrade, the Global Distribution Platform dedicated to promoting Latin American artists on the international stage.

This powerful partnership seeks to support Latin American artists by providing them with an international platform, enabling Selina guests to discover, appreciate, and acquire pieces that resonate with them.

Through this innovative alliance, Selina aims to bridge the gap between art and hospitality, creating a harmonious synergy that enriches the guest experience while uplifting the artistic community. By featuring a carefully curated selection of artwork by talented Latin American artists, Selina locations across the region will become immersive galleries showcasing the diverse cultural expressions and creative visions of the area.

“Through this partnership with Artrade, Selina offers its platform to empower artists to monetize their work, create products, and connect with travelers and locals who can purchase their art through the Artrade platform and Artrade-hosted events. This innovative approach introduces new value propositions and expands the reach of art beyond the confines of traditional galleries and creates new opportunities for artists working with retail, digital platforms, and popup events,” said Ariel Levinsohn, Global VP Brand & Creative at Selina. “The event side of Artrade further enhances the platform’s appeal by providing a dynamic and interactive space for artists to showcase their talent and engage with potential buyers. These events serve as a catalyst for fostering connections, promoting cultural exchange, and generating excitement around the world of art.”

Artrade, renowned for its commitment to promoting local Latin American artists, will curate the art collections at Selina locations. This partnership opens new doors for artists, granting them unparalleled exposure to an international audience of travelers, digital nomads, and art enthusiasts who frequent Selina's vibrant spaces.

"We are delighted to partner with, a brand that shares our passion for uplifting Latin American artists and showcasing their exceptional artwork to the world," said Sylvia Barrero, CEO at "Through this collaboration, we aim to provide artists with a global stage to showcase their talent, and at the same time, offer Selina guests an immersive experience that fosters cultural exchange and appreciation. Our participation in the TechnoArt@Selina program further strengthens our commitment to scaling our business across the Global Selina network and gaining access to a broader network of partners and investors."

Selina guests will have the opportunity to not only admire but also acquire pieces that resonate with their souls. The artwork will be available for purchase, allowing guests to bring home a piece of the rich Latin American culture and continue their connection with the artists in the comfort of their homes. In addition, they will be able to participate in two featured events:

Medellín, a colorful city with a whole lot of character
The launch of Selina-Artrade's first exclusive art collection will take place in this Colombian city, with the theme 'Diversity'. Works from 8 local artists will be on display, and visitors will be able to experience live art, music and digital experiences that will bring them closer to the artist and their works in an innovative way.

Bogotá, the meeting place for the art collectors in Latin America
During the Bogotá International Art Fair, Selina Chapinero will have an art exhibition and experiences including live art and illustration workshops for their visitors, during the ArtBo weekend. Works by 8 local artists will be exhibited, accompanied by concerts, live art and immersive experiences, to learn more about the trending artists in the country.

Miami, lush paradise and vibrant art scene
In the run-up to Art Basel, Selina Miami River will transform into a gallery showcasing "trend Latin American artists," curated by Artrade., visitors will be able to immerse themselves in Latin American art and culture through the digital collection that will also be exhibited in some areas of the hotel and through virtual experiences.

This collaboration between Selina and Artrade is a testament to Selina's commitment to supporting the arts and enriching the guest experience with meaningful encounters. By showcasing the talents of Latin American artists, Selina reiterates its role as a platform that fosters creativity and celebrates the cultural richness of the regions it operates in.

About Selina Hospitality PLC.
Selina (NASDAQ: SLNA) is one of the world's largest hospitality brands built to address the needs of millennial and Gen Z travelers, blending beautifully designed accommodation with coworking, recreation, wellness, and local experiences. Founded in 2014 and custom-built for today's nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel and work abroad. Each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists, creators, and tastemakers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations in 24 countries on six continents – from urban cities to remote beaches and jungles. To learn more, visit or follow Selina on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube.

About Artrade
Artrade is a Global Distribution Platform dedicated to promoting local Latin American artists and their artwork on a global scale. By connecting artists with a worldwide audience, Artrade supports the region's vibrant art scene and encourages cultural exchange.



Source: Selina Hospitality PLC